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It is located at the top left of the special corner. Each one will increase your max ship limit by 10. It costs 1000 DMM points per. You can find out how to buy dmm points here. It also increases your equipment item capacity by 40 per port extension. Tutorial: FAQ - Kancolle Wiki Evasion is boosted exponentially based on a ship's Morale. 16.5% increase in the chance to achieve Great success in expeditions per ship with =>50 Morale (this increases the resources gain to 150% for that particular expedition and guarantees the second expedition item (on the right) if it has one). Has anyone expanded their ports(increase the number of ship ...

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“She’s certainly earned a rest, we all have,” Matt commented, wistfully. His ship had been through a lot over the last few months. Halsey had been an old ship to begin with, almost twenty years of continuous service now. But even if she was old, she certainly had a lot of fight in her. How to Increase Your Odds at a Slot Machine | Our Pastimes Picture yourself dropping a coin into a slot machine and winning the “big one.” That may be most people's dream, but it rarely happens. For example, most casinos set their slot machines to pay out only 83-to-99 percent of the money they take in. Play at a gas station, bus terminal or any other place that has slot machine, and it pays out even less. How to Use Akashi's Repair Facility - Himeuta

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[News] Maximum ship slots will be increased before the event ... Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Get a constantly updating feed of breaking news, fun stories, pics, memes, and videos just for you. Passionate about something niche? Kantai Collection - Wikipedia

Ship CPU Guide A ship's CPU is the computer that controls the modules (such as weapons, repair systems, and so on) that you have fitted to your ship. The CPU has limits, and this page explains how to make the most of your ship's CPU.

Azur Lane Sakura Empire / Characters - TV Tropes A page for describing Characters: Azur Lane Sakura Empire. Main Character Index | Eagle Union | Royal Navy | Sakura Empire | Ironblood | Eastern Radiance | … Game Update/Maintenance 6th June Whale patch [Archive 1. Added button 2. Added button 3. Hiryuu Kai 2 4. New ship with blueprint remodel 5. New quest 6. New ship 7. New BGM 8. Fixes On to the patch notes: Premium Ship Review: Musashi – ShipComrade What’s the Final Verdict? How would the ship rate on an Angry YouTuber scale of Garbage – Meh – Gud – Overpowered?